Preview of the Royal Courthouse Wonder, zoomed in 1000%
Wonders are one of the most exciting aspects of the Castles NFT economy, they:
  • Allow players to have a stake earning from the public uses of the in-game economy
  • Are some of the most exciting limited-time crafting events
Players can craft Wonder bounties for a limited time and earn utility rewards from their global use by players. An example, the “Royal Courthouse Wonder” was one of our first wonders, 50% of all royal seal purchases in Wax go to Metasource Games development and the other 50% of Wax will go to users holding bounties (which they craft during a limited time event). Wonder bounties do not expire and continue to give monthly rewards in perpetuity.
Another example of a future Wonder is the Explorer's Guild which will be part of crafting new lands manually using fine wood and seals as an ingredient. Manual land minting will be a public utility, meaning anyone can do it as long as they have the crafting ingredients. The Explorer's guild will also be part of our Land Rush event getting us to 500k farms minted with exciting rewards!
Note: Metasource Games development does not compete with the in-game resources by players. We have seen other games compete with the gamers and we do not think this is fair to the in-game economy. Metasource Games will share in the revenue of Royal Seal sales but not the spending of other assets (lumber, farms, metasource token, etc), any game assets not redistributed to players is burned.
Craft Dates
Bounty Reward
Wonder 1
Royal Courthouse
May 3 2022 (Completed)
Rewards 50% of the Wax income from royal seal purchases. Additional rewards monthly determined by developers.
Wonder 2
Explorer's Guild
May 24 2022 (Completed)
Rewards holder with runesource tokens per an Explorer or Seafarer pack crafted globally by players. Airdropped daily.
Wonder 3
Blacksmith's Guild
August 2022 (Completed)
Each bounty can be staked and grants the user 1 "crafting slot" per bounty. There are two types of crafting slots. 1) Low Bounties - Convert 3 common hero equipment to a random uncommon. 2) High bounty - convert 3 uncommon hero equipment to a rare.
Wonders are game assets and not sold as financial products.