Land Earnings and Merging

Each basic land earns players a certain amount of msource token.

The six basic lands and their hourly msource earnings are:

LandMsource earnings hourlySpecial













+1 Royal Seal Daily

By merging lands (say from a farm to a ranch) the player has a chance at bonus rewards.

In addition, players who own castles will also earn a daily royal seal (1 royal seal a day to start).

Since royal seals are a fundamental ingredient in farms, crafts and Baron recharges with a number of Royal Seals, this makes Castles highly desirable game assets! Note: land merging does NOT have a Royal Seal cost

The benefit of merging your lands is the chance to earn extra lands in the merge. When merging a farm, you have a 18% chance of earning an extra farm and 1.6% of earning two extra farms. Since earnings multiply at higher tiers, the chance for extra rewards is impacted lower, an example is when merging a castle you have a 1% chance to get a city back.

  • Please note that when merging multiple times in one transaction, the RNG roll for bonus lands is only calculated once. If you win the bonus, you will receive that same bonus for all merges. If you prefer 1 chance of bonus per a merge, please use single merges at a time. Over time with lots of merging, say of farms, the chance of a bonus is mostly the same. But users doing rarer merges, like towns or cities may prefer single merging due to the bonus chances being per merge. The benefit of multi-merging over single merging is reduced CPU (almost 70% reduction) and less time.

Merges cost a certain amount of MSOURCE and Castles cost a premium. The merging cost table is below:

An upgrade is guaranteed with a chances for a bonus.

MergeCost in msourceChance for 1 bonus landChance for 2 bonus lands

12 Farms to 1 Ranch

2,160 * (Land Cost Doubling Events)



3 Ranches to 1 Village

6,480 * (Land Cost Doubling Events)



3 Villages to 1 Town

19,440 * (Land Cost Doubling Events)



3 Towns to 1 City

58,320 * (Land Cost Doubling Events)



3 Cities to 1 Castle

524,880 * (Land Cost Doubling Events)



The cost in MSOURCE to merge is determined by the base cost factored by the amount of Land Cost Doubling Events that have occurred) See more about this in the Land Scarcity and Cost Increases section.

Castles have a 3x premium to merge.

Like Barons, Castles will need a weekly recharge using a royal seal in order to receive their daily royal seal bonus.

*** Castle recharges and seal crafts are augmented by the price doubling of lands, which is determined by the number of farms minted. See more about this in the Land Scarcity and Cost Increases section.

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