Castellia is a colorful world with a grim history.

Once, the Dungeon Lords rose against the likes of elves, dwarves and humans, using monstrous forces to feed on the lifeforce of entire villages and cities. The world nearly came to an end - but the remaining forces rallied in a final, desperate gambit - exiling the Dungeon Lords to the realm of Void Keepers.

Then came the Age of Rebuilding. Much of Castellia's history was lost in the war against the Dungeon Lords. But, a millenia later, Castellia has entered a new renaissance. And the Kingdoms are at peace. Today, a young mage has gone on the run. Pursued by her once allies and mentors.

Who is Luna Zenitha and what has she done to turn the Arcane Stronghold against her?

Now your story begins. And fate awaits you both.

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