Blacksmith's Guild (Wonder 3)

The Blacksmith's Guild bounties were crafted during a limited time event.

Bounties will give you crafting slots that use metal from the miner to upgrade dungeon equipment.

Here are the details:

Low Bounty — Reforge Slot Pay (Burn): 3 Metal, 1 Common Equipment Receive: 1 Uncommon Equipment, 1 Refining Steel, 160 Runesource Crafting time: 3 days, can be instantly completed with a Royal Seal

High Bounty — Masterforge Slot Pay (Burn): 12 Metal, 1 Uncommon Equipment, 3 Refining Steel Receive: 1 Rare Equipment, 350 Runesource Crafting Time: 7 days, can be instantly completed with two Royal Seals

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