Royals (Barons)

Royals are one of the scarcest, most valuable parts of the Castles ecosystem.

Currently, the Baron is the only Royal released.

Daily, a Royal Baron will mint a farm or better for its owner.

There is no limit to the amount of barons someone can own and use, but there is a supply limit to total barons existing.

A baron can hold seven mint charges, when the charges are depleted a royal seal nft must be used to recharge it. Royal seals are sold on our game's homepage or by other players.

The Baron daily earning table is below:

The Baron total supply is the same as the Metasource cards release schedule. By the end of 2022 only 1,872 Royal Barons will exist.

Here is the Baron release table by year:

(note, a hiatus was put on the release of Barons during the market downturn of 2022. Meaning their release has been significantly slowed!)

*** Royal Baron recharges and earnings are augmented by the price doubling of lands, which is determined by the number of farms minted. See more about this in the Land Scarcity and Cost Increases section.

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