Explorer's Guild (Wonder 2)

Update: Seafarer Rewards were upgraded and "map fragments" were added! Please read below!​
Explorer’s Guild
The intent of the Explorer’s Guild Wonder is to introduce a fun and exciting way of crafting new lands by allowing players to craft LAND PACKS, the Explorer's Pack and Seafarer's Pack! These land packs are tradeable and sellable on marketplaces.
In addition, the Explorer’s Guild introduces a new token called RUNESOURCE, earned by using Explorer’s Guild features. Runesource is an essential ingredient for "premium" dungeoning and loot in our upcoming dungeoning expansion.
The Intent of the Explorer’s Guild Wonder is to:
  • Introduce a public feature enabling players to craft new lands manually. No crafter is required but crafted fine wood is an ingredient.
  • To reward players crafting manual lands with a new token called Runesource which is an essential ingredient for earning “premium” loot in the Dungeoning expansion.
  • To reward owners of Explorer’s Guild Wonder Bounties with passive income of Runesource each time any player (including themselves) crafts an Explorer or Seafarer pack.
  • To make manual land crafting fun and exciting by allowing players to craft Explorer’s Packs (includes 2 random lands) and Seafarer’s pack (includes 5 random lands) that can be opened for exciting results! The best land the Explorer holds is a village and the best land a Seafarer's pack holds is a town.
  • Players can craft any number of Explorer packs. Though, each Seafarer pack requires 1 Seafarer Map, which can be blended/crafted by collecting map fragments. Map fragments are earned by crafting Explorer packs.
Land Type Chance
Craft Cost
Crafting Time
Instant Craft (Speedup) Cost
Runesource Reward per craft
Runesource sent to Explorer’s Guild Bounties per share (instant)
Explorer's Pack
2 Lands
85% Farm
14% Ranch
1% Village
16 Fine Wood
3 Days
1 Royal Seal
Seafarer’s Pack
5 Lands
85% Farm
12% Ranch
2% Village
1% Town)
32 Fine Wood + 1 Seafarer Map
7 Days
2 Royal Seals
*There will be a new way to earn runesource in the future, but it will not be "cheap" by ecosystem standards.
*Get Seafarer Maps by crafting Explorer's Packs and blending the map fragments you earn.