Mission Statement

Written February 2022

We love video games and our true passion is scarcity-based gaming.

NFT and blockchain based gaming has exploded in the year 2021 and we were here, exploring and researching hundreds of projects. We were surprised that very few games had public facing or committed teams. Some projects were just out for a fast buck, others were badly run despite their passion.

When the dust settled at the end of 2021, it appeared 1 out of 20 NFT gaming projects were going strong, while the other 19 died or in their death throes.

Metasource Games had a slow start with our gaming contracts, due to many reasons. But we have consistently shown up and made progress day by day.

Thanks to our partners at Apex NFT our smart contracts are coming online and the Metasource Games universe is now taking off.

We were never here "for a quick buck" we are here because we love games and we believe in scarcity based blockchain gaming. Never before in history have gamers been given full ownership of their game items and resources. What this makes possible is almost limitless.

The way I see it, we are in the year 1993 when comparing NFTs to the internet. Not everyone knew what e-mail was. America Online and Netscape were slowly becoming a thing. NFT gaming is in a similar time period, where the mainstream still does not have a grasp of the impact this will have.

Likewise, we've also grown a lot in the year 2021. We started selling our Metasource Cards on Shopify. Then realized that NFT gaming was advancing quickly and we needed more value than our original idea offered. So we invented the Castles NFT game and rewarded all Metasource Card buyers with Castles assets for supporting us early.

The Castles NFT game incorporates much of what we have learned about what works (and what doesn't) in blockchain gaming. We have cut the fat and empowered you with the good stuff.

We show up every day because we're committed to this journey, we're creating vibrant worlds with player-driven economies. We know what we want from NFT gaming. Not flash-in-the pan projects or overpriced (never price out the little guy). We want worlds we fall in love with and want to build collectively with gamers and friends. Worlds where scarcity matters and still anyone can join at a reasonable price. Maybe not everyone can afford a castle, but they can probably afford to make the newest crafter or hero, who will in turn help build the next level of the economy.

Thank you for joining us. We're excited as hell for what comes next.


Robert Trusardi


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